Friday, April 11, 2014

Roger Price & Jeff Harris: The Elephant Record

The audio companion to Price/Stern/Sloan's dry-to-the-point-of-haiku elephant joke compendium The Elephant Book. How do you get six elephants in a Volkswagen? Three in front, three in back.

Here Come the Elephants
Elephants Never Remember
Elephant Hop
Elephant Song Festival
Norman the Short-Nosed Elephant
At Sea
Do Not Play This Band!
Put Them All Together
Elephant Bill
Elephant Lament
On Top of Old Elephant
Tarzan & Jane
Fay Blossom & Daddy
Elephant Hop Again
Famous Elephants in History

LP art & audio


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ludwig & The Klassics: Mumph?

Deathless classical melodies get slapped with a groovy 1966 paint job. (Sorry that some of the tunes remain unidentified - the producers didn't list the source material, and in fact they didn't list any of the instrumentalists' names, nor the names of the people on the cover; in-house in-joke meets an entire industry's natural tendency to anonymize its studio workhorses. All the data in brackets is mine). The perfect instrumental underscore to that great lost Blake Edwards movie in your mind.

My Heart Reminds Me
Forgive Me, Beethoven [Chopin, Waltz, Opus 64 #2 in C sharp minor]
Secret Service [Brahms, Hungarian Dance #5]
Ruffles [???]
Camp Capers [???]
Mumph [Liszt, Liebestraum]
A Lover’s Concerto [J.S. Bach, Minuet for Harpsichord in G Major]
Meat Hand Symphony [Rachmaninoff, Prelude in C sharp minor]
Ludwig’s Lament [Tchaikovsky, Piano Concerto #1 in B flat minor]
Snuff [Mozart, Piano Sonata #15 in C]
Symphonic Nights [Tchaikovsky, Symphony #6 “Pathetique” 1st movement]
Harumphfft [Grieg, Piano Concerto in A minor Opus 16]

Music & artwork


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

毛泽东思想育英雄 (Mao Tse-Tung’s Thought Brings Up Heroes)

Bring the Cultural Revolution into your own home.

欢呼中央命令发表 (Hail the Order Issued by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party)
向门合同志学习 (Learn from Comrade Men Ho)
一切为着毛主席 (Do Everything for Chairman Mao’s Sake)
心中有个红太阳 (Comrade Men Ho Has a Red Sun in His Heart)
学习门合举红旗 (Learn from Men Ho and Uphold the Red Banner)
歌唱支左爱民模范排 (Sing of the Model Platoon in Supporting the Left and Cherishing the People)
英雄的四排钢铁的兵 (The Heroic Fourth Platoon, Soldiers of Iron)
歌唱英雄李文忠 (In Praise of the Hero Li Wen-Chung)
毛主席挥手我前进 (We Advance When Chairman Mao Gives the Signal)
学习年四旺 “斗私批修” 当闯将 (Learn from Nien Sze-Wang and Be Brave Fighters in “Fighting Self-Interest and Repudiating Revisionism”)
千万个年四旺在成长 (Tens of Thousands of Nien Sze-Wang Are Growing Up)
学习张春玉好榜样 (Learn from the Good Example of Chang Chun-Yu)
歌唱英雄吕祥璧 (Sing of the Hero Lu Hsiang-Pi)
学习郭嘉宏高举红旗永远向前进 (Learn from Kuo Chia-Hung and March Forward with the Red Banner Held High)
最大的幸福是读毛主席的书 (The Greatest Happiness Is to Study Chairman Mao’s Works)

LP obverse
LP reverse
LP booklet

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Credibility Gap: A Great Gift Idea / Floats [1979]

...and here's Sierra/Briar's 1979 reissue of The Credibility Gap's A Great Gift Idea, which came with a bonus LP, Floats. Every year for much of the 1970s, the Gap would get up early on New Year's Day and trundle over to Pasadena to do a live running radio commentary on the Rose Parade. They'd torture this kitchy river of pace-car-led Americana with fake celebrity interviews, documentary segments, and impressive descriptions of a helium-filled Gary Coleman flying high above the crowd's heads. This LP package had a double-obverse; no matter how you held it, each side was oriented to be the front. Correspondingly, the interior gatefold text flows in two directions, requiring the reader to make a 180-degree flip in the middle of reading the liner notes. Definitely the goofiest of the Gap albums, this is a personal favorite - and between the 1974 and 1979 Great Gift Idea covers, not only does this reissue cover win, if I were a country it would be my flag.

The Floats album:

Parade Theme
Fred Cadaver
Dave Swarts
A Queen's Diary
Rabbi Korff
Dave Swarts
Mayor of Palmdale
Curt's Closing Thoughts
Parade Theme
LP cover - A Great Gift Idea
LP cover - Floats
LP gatefold

And for additional fun, read along with the 88th Annual Tournament of Roses Program from 1977, where you can peek into a Queen’s diary, thrill to ads for Super 8 highlights from last year’s parade, and bleed your eyes out over concept paintings of all the year’s floats, including that perilously-balanced Bicycle-built-for-too-many from Bank of America.

88th Annual Tournament of Roses program (1977)


The Credibility Gap: A Great Gift Idea

Here's the original cover art for The Credibility Gap's 1974 Warner/Reprise LP. Now buy the CD reissue on the Collector's Choice label, because "A Date With Danger" will just kill you.

LP obverse gatefold
LP interior gatefold

Thursday, April 3, 2014

贫下中农最爱毛主席: 河北省农民业余演出队演唱的歌曲 (Poor and Lower-Middle Peasants Love Chairman Mao Most: Songs by the Peasants' Amateur Cultural Team of Hopei Province)

Boy, the woman second from the right is really smiling. I wonder if it saved her from work detail. Another no-nonsense artifact from Mao's Cultural Revolution on China Records.

贫下中农最爱毛主席 (Poor and Lower-Middle Peasants Love Chairman Mao Most)
毛主席穿上绿军装 (Chairman Mao Puts On His Olive-Green Uniform)
看看俺队的好庄稼 (Look at the Well-Grown Crops of Our Team)
誓把大寨来赶上 (We'll Catch Up with Tachai with Great Determination)
征服自然人当家 (Conquer Nature and Be Its Master)
毛泽东思想照俺庄 (Mao Tse-Tung's Thought Illuminates Our Village)
俺社的姑娘就是强 (Girls in Our Village Are Really Capable)
八个大嫂闹深翻 (Eight Sisters-In-Law Take Part in the Spring Ploughing)
种好棉花为革命 (We Grow Cotton for the Revolution)
又是农民又是兵 (We Are Both Peasants and Militiamen)

LP obverse
LP reverse

Lyric booklet outside cover
Lyric booklet pg 00-01
Lyric booklet pg 02-03
Lyric booklet pg 04-05
Lyric booklet pg 06-07
Lyric booklet pg 08-09
Lyric booklet pg 10-11
Lyric booklet pg 12-13
Lyric booklet pg 14-15
Lyric booklet pg 16-17
Lyric booklet pg 18-19
Lyric booklet pg 20

The Police "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da" in Spanish & Japanese

The liner notes to the Message in a Box collection say "This is it - everything the Police released", which is a LIE because these two songs weren't included, and I want them to REFORM THE COLUMBIA HOUSE MUSIC CLUB so I can return that box set and demand my money back and I want Sting to GO BACK IN TIME and unwrite this song and I want a RACECAR and a PONY.

De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (in Spanish)
De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (in Japanese)

Picture sleeve obverse
Picture sleeve reverse