Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Animation Show Podcast

Here are some podcasts I recorded with various animation industry creatives in 2008 for The Animation Show:

Corky Quakenbush (Animator, The Adventures of Ricardo), 3/27/2008: AS4_Corky_Quakenbush_11to1_mono.mp3

Jimmy Pickering (Artist, Animation Show Year 4 poster), 4/2/2008: AS4_JimmyPickering_11to1_mono.mp3

Dave Carter (Animator, Psychotown), 4/3/2008: AS4_DaveCarter_11to1_mono.mp3

Steve Dildarian (Animator, Angry Unpaid Hooker), 5/14/2008: AS4_SteveDildarian_11to1_mono.mp3

Julian Grey (Co-Founder / Director, Head Gear Animation), 5/20/2008: AS4_JulianGrey_11to1_mono.mp3

Joel Trussell (Animator, War Photographer), 5/24/2008: AS4_Joel_Trussell_11to1_mono.mp3

PES (Animator, The Deep), 5/28/2008: AS4_PES_11to1_mono.mp3

Chris Williams (Director Glago's Guest; Co-Director, Bolt), 11/25/2008: ASPodcast_Chris_Williams_11to1_mono.mp3

Tatia Rosenthal (Director, $9.99), 12/15/2008: ASPodcast_Tatia_Rosenthal_11to1_mono.mp3

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