Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jonathan Winters: "I was a survivor of a crib death"

Here's audio I captured on 9/22/2004 at Dutton's Bookstore in North Hollywood, on the occasion of Gary Owens signing copies of his book How to Make a Million Dollars with Your Voice (Or Lose Your Tonsils Trying). A whole panel of friends joined Gary at the dais, including Johnny Grant, Howie Morris, Ruth Buzzi, Jo Anne Worley, John Rappaport, Bob Bergen, Ken Levine, Rich Fields, and Fred Travalena. Last to be interviewed was Jonathan Winters, in the guise of Buck Leland, rodeo rider:

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  1. Wasn't Jonathan Winters priceless? During the 1960s my father would play Winters' recordings over the reel-to-reel and at 4 years-old, I was hooked on his story telling, sound effects, etc. Some of my earliest memories are of laughing at Winters' comedic insanity. Fun for all ages!
    Thank you, Taylor!