Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Hearty White: Material you may hear in his forthcoming TED talk

If it wasn’t for fear, we wouldn’t have any economic system. People wouldn’t buy anything. So PLEASE, whatever you do, don’t stop being fearful. That’s why our country is becoming so prosperous, is because there is nothing we don’t fear. Therefore, you can sell the antidote for anything. If everything is poison, then man, the sky’s the limit for selling antidotes. And they don’t have to work, because if the fear isn’t real, then the cure doesn’t have to be real. It’s really a beautiful system. That way anybody can really achieve. All you have to be able to do is be a psychopath. Just not have a conscience. And then it’s fine. Now does everybody have to be a psychopath? No. Just the breadwinners.

Hearty White, "Miracle Nutrition" episode 10/30/2014

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