Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Various Artists: Columbia-Princeton Electronic Music Center

From 1964, perhaps four years before the trend really exploded, here's a scarce Columbia collection of electronic music by some of the pioneers of the medium.

B├╝lent Arel: Stereo Electronic Music No. 1
Halim El-Dabh: Leiyla and the Poet
Vladimir Ussachevsky: Creation—Prologue
Milton Babbitt: Composition for Synthesizer
Mario Davidovsky: Electronic Study No. 1
Otto Luening: Gargoyles

Album audio & artwork

DISCLAIMER: To the best of my knowledge, this work is out of print and not available for purchase in any format. If you are the artist and are planning a reissue, please let me know and I’ll remove it from the blog. Also please get in touch if you’ve lost your art &/or sound masters and would like to talk with me about my restoration work.

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