Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Bonzo Dog Band: Loose Caboose

This first caught my eye when I discovered Goldmine and started devouring their dealer ads in the mid-90s; it's a bootleg on the Amazing Kornyfone Record Label from 1976, full of out-of-print tracks by the Bonzo Dog Band and its various members. It popped up on eBay recently so I grabbed, uh, don't need to do likewise. Consider this reference-level material only for the dedicated fan.

"Button Up Your Overcoat", "I'm Gonna Bring a Watermelon To My Girl Tonight", "Alley Oop," and "My Brother Makes the Noises for the Talkies" were originally released by Parlophone as singles in 1966, and were later remixed for stereo and collected on the 1971 various artists comp The Alberts / The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band / The Temperance Seven. Interesting to note that the original version of "My Brother Makes The Noises for the Talkies" apparently included the "Cuckoo Song" made famous by Laurel and Hardy, which was cut from all future CD reissues, no doubt for copyright reasons.

"Fiddle About" / "Tommy's Holiday Camp" is from a 9 December 1972 performance at the Rainbow Theatre, London, of the London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of David Measham performing The Who's Tommy, featuring Viv as Uncle Ernie.

"Death Cab for Cutie" is from the movie Magical Mystery Tour. "The Young Ones", "Are You Havin' Any Fun?" and "Paper-Round" are Viv Stanshall singles. "What Noise Annoys a Noisy Oyster" and "Oo-Chuck-a-Mao-Mao" are Neil Innes singles. "Trouser Freak", "Trouser Press" and "Dropout" are all Roger Ruskin Spear solo cuts.

And everything else is from...Do Not Adjust Your Set, or Beat-Club, or possibly other TV or radio broadcasts. That's the trick with bootlegs, is that they're never well-documented, because the sources weren't well-documented, because who cares it's a bootleg wheeee look at us we're bootlegging. Sound quality is OK to poor throughout. So, not much of a keeper, but I had to satisfy my curiosity!

Button Up Your Overcoat
Hello Mabel
Fiddle About / Tommy's Holiday Camp
The Young Ones
I'm Gonna Bring a Watermelon To My Girl Tonight
Alley Oop
What Noise Annoys a Noisy Oyster
Death Cab for Cutie
My Brother Makes the Noises for the Talkies
Da Story of Da Bonzo Itself [aka The Bride Stripped Bare By "Bachelors"]
Canyons of Your Mind
Trouser Freak
Trouser Press
Are You Havin' Any Fun?
Urban Spaceman

Album audio & artwork


  1. Any trained observer will notice that Kornyfone spared no expense on this reissue. I offer the minimalist label art on either side of the LP as evidence.

    Thanks for the LP review, Taylor. As you called it 'reference material for the dedicated fan,' a wise person might choose to pass on this recording.

    But nobody ever accused me of being wise! Besides, something tells me that if you personally liked (or posted) any music here, it may be worth taking the time to explore for myself.

    As an aside, I truly appreciate your consistent, high quality scans with every rip. And that's a good thing!

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