Tuesday, May 6, 2014

ドリフターズ (The Drifters): ドリフのズンドコ節 (Drif No Zundokobushi) b/w 大変うたい込み (Taihen Utaikomi)

Zun-zun-zun-zun-zun-zun-Doko! The Drifters, Japan's answer to the "Laugh-In" crew, were pop tunesters and sketch comedians with their own hit network TV show in 1969, The A-side of this 7-inch, "Zundoko Bushi", was their theme song, an actually quite melancholy tune about an all-too-brief wartime affair (Pink Martini talk about it here, and you can find the lyrics here, although you're on your own for a good English translation). The B-side, "Taihen Utaikomi", is about, um, maybe something Navy-related, maybe something laundry-related (lyrics available here).

7-inch audio & art

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