Friday, May 16, 2014

Firesign Theatre: Station Break / Forward Into the Past

What kind of Firesign Theatre archivist would I be if I didn’t post goodies from their archive from time to time? Here’s the complete artwork for their scarce 1969 single “Station Break” b/w “Forward Into the Past” (with the reminder that both of these cuts are available cheap from iTunes & Amazon).

7-inch artwork

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  1. Taylor - Great job, it will replace the artwork I have in my 'archive'. I have just purchased (& am awaiting arrival of) a very good copy of this single, with a nice sleeve. It's the last piece of FT 7" vinyl I need (except the Ossman 'artists promo' series).

    Also wanted to mention that I love the EYKIW DVD. Thanks so much for all the extras, I can tell you put an enormous amount of work into it. Thank you for including (the complete wire recording) 'Orphan's Tears', it's a real gem.

    Thanks for ALL the unseen work you do.

    Nino sez: "Can I say, good-bye?" - Walter Riddle


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