Wednesday, March 19, 2014

四川省涼山彝族自治州文工團演唱(奏)的節目 - 社會主義道路最寬廣 (The Cultural Troupe of the Liangshan Yi Nationality Autonomous Chou: The Socialist Road Is the Broadest of All)

The road is broad. The teeth are white. The record is 10".

庆祝翻身奴隶协会成立 (Celebrating the Founding of the Emancipated Serfs Association)
凉山好 (Liangshan Is a Splendid Place)
彝蒙翻身調 (Emancipation Melody of the Yi People)
人民公社瓦吉瓦麻額 (The People's Communes Are Really Good)
水輪泵在歌唱 (Song of the Water Pump)
丰收調 (Bumper Harvest Melody)
社会主义道路最寬广 (The Socialist Road Is the Broadest of All)
馬儿呦! 你快快跑 (Gallop Faster, My Steed)
送肥上山去 (Carrying Manure Up the Mountainside)
涼山真是瓦吉瓦 (Liangshan Is Really Good)
知識青年來彝家 (Young Intellectuals Come to the Home of the Yi People)
瓦吉瓦 (How Good!)

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  1. You made those English titles up, didn't you? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA this is fantastic. More Chinese records please!