Friday, March 21, 2014

Ralph Platt & Lorin Whitney: The Birds Sing His Praise

Organist Lorin Whitney and whistler Ralph Platt perform an album of pious Christian dirges so lugubrious they practically go all the way around and turn giddy. Made famous by the Firesign Theatre, who created so many dearly beloved batshit radio performances using this record as underscore. Grab your copy of Marching to Shibboleth, cue up "I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked", and do your own karaoke version of "$100 Ben"! (This is actually Volume One, released in 1958. There was a Volume Two, and you can bet your Aunt Esther's hymnal I'll be posting that one too at some later date.)

I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
The Child of a King
The Glory of His Presence
Why Should He Love Me So
Dearer Than All
It Is Well with My Soul
I Love to Tell the Story
I Have Been Alone With Jesus
Jesus Alone
Cleanse Me
I Am Amazed
I Will Pilot Thee

LP audio & art


  1. Thanks so much for this record! Didn't even cost me any corn or chemicals.

  2. I have been very blessed by this album. Thank you very much for sharing it!