Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ludwig & The Klassics: Mumph?

The perfect instrumental underscore to that great lost Blake Edwards movie in your mind. Deathless classical melodies get slapped with a groovy 1966 paint job (that is, both the arrangements and the names are modern; most of the track titles are made-up monikers for old familiar tunes. The data in brackets are mine). None of the instrumentalists or guys on the cover are named; this may well be a Wrecking Crew joint. Fortunately the publishing data on the labels reveals the mastermind to be Joe Saraceno, staff producer for Liberty Records and hit producer of instrumental combos The Ventures, The Marketts, and The Routers. Joe Saraceno and Buddy Prima did most of the arrangements here, with contributions from Sandy Linzer, Denny Randell, and Ernie Freeman.

My Heart Reminds Me
Forgive Me, Beethoven [Chopin, Waltz, Opus 64 #2 in C sharp minor]
Secret Service [Brahms, Hungarian Dance #5]
Ruffles [???]
Camp Capers [???]
Mumph [Liszt, Liebestraum]
A Lover’s Concerto [J.S. Bach, Minuet for Harpsichord in G Major]
Meat Hand Symphony [Rachmaninoff, Prelude in C sharp minor]
Ludwig’s Lament [Tchaikovsky, Piano Concerto #1 in B flat minor]
Snuff [Mozart, Piano Sonata #15 in C]
Symphonic Nights [Tchaikovsky, Symphony #6 “Pathetique” 1st movement]
Harumphfft [Grieg, Piano Concerto in A minor Opus 16]

Music & artwork

DISCLAIMER: To the best of my knowledge, this work is out of print and not available for purchase in any format. If you are the artist and are planning a reissue, please let me know and I’ll remove it from the blog. Also please get in touch if you’ve lost your art &/or sound masters and would like to talk with me about my restoration work.

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