Wednesday, April 9, 2014

毛泽东思想育英雄 (Mao Tse-Tung’s Thought Brings Up Heroes)

Bring the Cultural Revolution into your own home. As far as I can tell, this is a various artists collection.

欢呼中央命令发表 (Hail the Order Issued by the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party)
向门合同志学习 (Learn from Comrade Men Ho)
一切为着毛主席 (Do Everything for Chairman Mao’s Sake)
心中有个红太阳 (Comrade Men Ho Has a Red Sun in His Heart)
学习门合举红旗 (Learn from Men Ho and Uphold the Red Banner)
歌唱支左爱民模范排 (Sing of the Model Platoon in Supporting the Left and Cherishing the People)
英雄的四排钢铁的兵 (The Heroic Fourth Platoon, Soldiers of Iron)
歌唱英雄李文忠 (In Praise of the Hero Li Wen-Chung)
毛主席挥手我前进 (We Advance When Chairman Mao Gives the Signal)
学习年四旺 “斗私批修” 当闯将 (Learn from Nien Sze-Wang and Be Brave Fighters in “Fighting Self-Interest and Repudiating Revisionism”)
千万个年四旺在成长 (Tens of Thousands of Nien Sze-Wang Are Growing Up)
学习张春玉好榜样 (Learn from the Good Example of Chang Chun-Yu)
歌唱英雄吕祥璧 (Sing of the Hero Lu Hsiang-Pi)
学习郭嘉宏高举红旗永远向前进 (Learn from Kuo Chia-Hung and March Forward with the Red Banner Held High)
最大的幸福是读毛主席的书 (The Greatest Happiness Is to Study Chairman Mao’s Works)

LP audio & art & lyrics booklet

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