Thursday, April 3, 2014

贫下中农最爱毛主席: 河北省农民业余演出队演唱的歌曲 (Poor and Lower-Middle Peasants Love Chairman Mao Most: Songs by the Peasants' Amateur Cultural Team of Hopei Province)

Boy, the woman second from the right is really smiling. I wonder if it saved her from a struggle session. Another no-nonsense artifact from Mao's Cultural Revolution on China Records.

贫下中农最爱毛主席 (Poor and Lower-Middle Peasants Love Chairman Mao Most)
毛主席穿上绿军装 (Chairman Mao Puts On His Olive-Green Uniform)
看看俺队的好庄稼 (Look at the Well-Grown Crops of Our Team)
誓把大寨来赶上 (We'll Catch Up with Tachai with Great Determination)
征服自然人当家 (Conquer Nature and Be Its Master)
毛泽东思想照俺庄 (Mao Tse-Tung's Thought Illuminates Our Village)
俺社的姑娘就是强 (Girls in Our Village Are Really Capable)
八个大嫂闹深翻 (Eight Sisters-In-Law Take Part in the Spring Ploughing)
种好棉花为革命 (We Grow Cotton for the Revolution)
又是农民又是兵 (We Are Both Peasants and Militiamen)

LP audio & art (including lyric booklet)

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