Monday, January 19, 2015

"Chicken of the Surf" and "Lonesome Cowboy" by...Woody Allen?

This is an open challenge to the comedy geek-iverse. Can any comedy collector confirm this is what I think it is? I don't know where I got these files. They seem to have appeared on my hard drive as WAV files in November 2001. They are labeled - and sound very much like - Woody Allen singing two novelty songs, "Chicken of the Surf" and "Lonesome Cowboy". They sound like they were digitized from vinyl; but when I Google the phrase "Chicken of the Surf", disconcertingly, there are NO HITS - suggesting not only that nowhere on the internet has anyone associated Woody Allen with the recording of a song by that name, but also that nowhere on the internet has anyone noticed A SONG OF THAT NAME, period.

Anyway, it sounds very much like Woody Allen's voice, and it's mildly enjoyable, so there you go. If indeed it's Allen, I guess the year of release would be between 1964-1967. If you've got this, say so in the comments!

Chicken of the Surf
Lonesome Cowboy


  1. Wow, it certainly does seem to be Woody. But yeah, somewhere in the date-range you've suggested, if not a tiny bit earlier, perhaps.

    At first I thought it couldn't be him, as he's (sort of) trying to sing like a real singer.

    If it were someone going to the trouble of imitating Woody, this might be a more polished production with more Woody-schtick.

    - - And if it'd been a later recording by Allen, surely he'd have been more "himself", or else why bother... if that makes any sense at all.

    But that's all me agreeing with your hunch. I have no prior geek-knowledge here.

    My first thought was that you should be asking Phil X. Milstein over at "Probe Is Turning On The People"...

    Good luck! - - and BTW; I've been loving your latest spate of yet more amazing posts!

    Thanks again

  2. Thanks for the lead - I'll follow up with Phil! And thanks for recommending "Somewhere Over the Radio" - I'd never heard it, and bought a copy on vinyl thanks to your recommendation!