Saturday, January 17, 2015

Faillace Productions: You Can Be Sure...If It's Westinghouse

Faillace Productions (Tony Faillace, Len MacKenzie, and Bob Haggart) were a jingle production house in New York, active during at least the years 1959-1964, with clients including Borden's, Chesterfield, Chevrolet, Conoco, Crest, Ivory Soap, Johnson's Wax, Lone Star Beer, Maxwell House, Nabisco, Nucoa Margarine, Post Toasties, Sara Lee, Schick, Studebaker, and Texaco. Here's the ten swingin' cuts off their record of jingles for Westinghouse. Man, if you're in the comedy industry and you don't have a copy of this handy when Westinghouse goes belly-up, you're JUST NOT A PRO. Buy Westinghouse and Be Sure!™

Use as opening or close
Use as opening
Use as close
Shuffle version
Latin version
March version
60 sec. commercial “You Can Be Sure”
Jazz instrumental
Dance instrumental
Dixie instrumental

Record audio & artwork

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