Monday, January 19, 2015

The Rhino Brothers Present The World's Worst Records

Foos Rhino and Bronson Rhino of Westwood present a scintillating selection of ticklish treats for your ears, plus a feather for your throat. Like the Incredibly Strange Music compilations of the 1990s, this 1983 Various Artists mix runs the gamut: there's personality-driven offal ("The Crusher"), novelty tunes that went a couple of indecorous steps over the line ("I Want My Baby Back", "Kinko the Clown"), new offerings from the Rhino musical family ("Kazooed on Klassics", "Boogie Woogie Amputee"), pop trend-hoppers that missed the boat ("Surfin' Tragedy"), novelty tunes from industry pros who'd rather stay anonymous ("I Wanna Be Your Dog"), popular acts taking the day off from trying hard ("Umbassa and the Dragon"), and an unknown act trying REALLY hard ("Fluffy", which is so epically wrong it simply beggars belief - it is truly awesome).

The Novas "The Crusher"
Edith Massey "Big Girls Don't Cry"
Jimmy Cross "I Want My Baby Back"
Heathen Dan "I Like"
The Temple City Kazoo Orchestra "Kazooed on Klassics"
Gloria Balsam "Fluffy"
The Ledendary Stardust Cowboy "Paralyzed"
The Seven Stooges "I Wanna Be Your Dog"
Barnes & Barnes "Boogie Woogie Amputee"
Ogden Edsl "Kinko the Clown"
The Turtles "Umbassa and the Dragon"
Johnny Meeskite "Ugly"
The Breakers "Surfin' Tragedy"
Wild Man Fischer "Young at Heart"

Album audio & artwork

DISCLAIMER: To the best of my knowledge, this work is out of print and not available for purchase in any format. If you are the artist and are planning a reissue, please let me know and I’ll remove it from the blog. Also please get in touch if you’ve lost your art &/or sound masters and would like to talk with me about my restoration work.

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