Saturday, January 17, 2015

Stevens & Grdnic: Somewhere Over the Radio

Ron Stevens & Joy Grdnic were rock DJs from 1971-1979 on St. Louis' KSHE-FM 94.7, Joy a morning host, Stevens an afternoon jock. They eventually married and in 1979 moved to California, where they recorded their first album for Takoma Records. They did morning-show host stints for stations in New York and San Diego, and were contributing writers for WKRP in Cincinnati. Throughout the '80s and into the '90s their Stevens & Grdnic Radio Network comedy bits were syndicated on open reel to stations all across the U.S. Lots of the material sticks to the wacky-radio milieu of fake ads, song parodies, and bizarre interviews, but more than three decades on it's still pretty hilarious.

Tuning In
Bogus Concerts
Ron Pentecost
Rock & Roll Toy
No Parking
Today's Weather
Speed Reading
Token Jazz Hour
Steve McNab
Bend Over Beethoven
(untitled link)
Jesse Jeff Westchester
Hiwater Pants
Elevator 1980
Do It
Unisex Stereo
Miss Information (Part 1)
Joe Brackne
Miss Information (Part 2)
Fun & Fresh
Miss Information (Part 3)
Marijuana Helper
Massage Parlor
Rocko Products
We're Really Gonna Make It This Time
Disco Record Offer
Tuning Out

Album audio & artwork

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